Saturday, 14 May 2016

The tragedy of Calvary. Part 100

The tragedy of Calvary: or the minute details of Christ's life from Palm Sunday morning till the resurrection and ascension taken prophecy, history, revelations and ancient writings by Meagher, Jas. L. (James Luke), 1848-1920


IT was. on Friday, the 7th of April, of the year 34, the 15th day of the full moon, the 19th year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, the 19th year of the rule of Herod Agrippa I. the 34th of Herod Antipas, 782 years from the founding of Rome, the first year of the 202 Olympiad, during the consulship of C. Rufius Geminus and L. Rubelius Geminus, and the 8th day before the Kalends of April, when the eternal Son of God was tried, condemned and died for mankind. Let us see the details of that terrible Tragedy.

Surrounded by the Temple guards, hooted by the unthinking mob, insulted by Scribe, Pharisee, Priest and Elder, Jesus Christ passes out into the street before the high priest's house on his way to Pilate's palace. It is about seven o'clock in the morning. Howling, shouting, mocking mobs surrounded him. The flat-roofed houses lining the main street leading from Sion towards David's Tower, are filled with people crying, shouting insults on him.

The crowds in the streets surge toward him. They strike him, heap curses and insults on him. Thus the procession passes down the street. They go by on their right the house of Thomas the Apostle, and in the next block the place where James the Apostle later lived while he was first bishop of Jerusalem. Farther down the hill, on their left, they pass David's Tower, still used by the Turkish garrison,

The main street running north and south over Sion ends here, and now they take the street leading from the Joppa gate, turn to the right and pass along down by the shops and booths, then to the left into the upper Tyropoeon valley at the west of the Temple area. They now turn north along the upper Cheesemongers' quarter, till they meet the Via Dolorosa, then called by another name.