Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Devotion To The Holy Face Of Our Lord By M. Eleanore (Mary Eleanore), Mother, 1890-1940 part 9.

monsieur dupont’s prayer of reparation BEFORE THE HOLY FACE

Lord Jesus, after contemplating Thy features, disfigured by sorrow, and meditating on Thy passion with compunction and love, should our hearts not be filled with holy shame for sin, which even at this day outrages Thy adorable Face? Do not allow us to be content with mere compassion, but give us grace to follow Thee sufficiently near this new Calvary, that the opprobrium destined for Thee will fall upon us, O Jesus, that thus we may do our part, however small, in the expiation of sin. Amen.

monsieur dupont’s offering of THE HOLY FACE TO THE ETERNAL FATHER

Most powerful God, Eternal Father, look upon the Face of Thy Son, our Saviour Jesus. We offer it to Thee with confidence, for the glory of Thy Holy Name, for the exaltation of Thy Church, and for the salvation of nations. Our most merciful Advocate opens His mouth to plead our cause; hearken to His cries, behold His tears, O our Father, and Thou wilt be touched with pity for us poor sinners, who ask pardon and mercy. Amen.

monsieur dupont’s prayer of love TO THE HOLY FACE

O Saviour Jesus, at the sight of Thy most holy Face disfigured by suffering, at the sight of Thy Sacred Heart so full of love, I cry to Thee with St. Augustine: "Lord Jesus, imprint on my heart Thy sacred wounds, that I may read therein sorrow and love: sorrow, to endure every sorrow for Thee; love, to despise every other love for Thee.”