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Sister Saint-Pierre and the work of reparation : a brief history by the Very Rev. P. Janvier ... Translated by Miss Mary Hoffman Chapter 9. The Confraternity Of The Holy Face

AFTER the death of Sister Saint-Pierre two works, closely allied in spirit to the Reparation and the Adoration of the Holy Sacrament, came from her virginal tomb like two miraculous flowers — the Congregation devoted to Perpetual Adoration, founded by Mile. Dubouche, in religion Mother Mary Teresa ; and the Nocturnal Adoration by men, inaugurated by the celebrated Jew pianist, Hermann, later Father Marie-Augustine, of the Order of Discalced Carmelites. But it was M. Dupont who, in the designs of God, had the special mission to carry out and develop the work shown to the Carmelite of Tours for the salvation of France: the Work of Reparation for blasphemy and the profanation of Sunday by the cultus of the Holy Face.

Towards the close of the Lenten season of 1851 he exposed in his private oratory an engraving of the Sorrowful Face of our Lord, an authentic facsimile of the Veil of Veronica preserved in the Vatican Basilica. Miracles ere long became manifest. The man of God rejoiced, because he beheld in them a proof of the truth of the revelations made to Sister Marie de Saint-Pierre. To the end he hoped the life and writings of the venerable Sister would be published. Understanding their worth, he knew how much good they would effect. His hope was realized. In 1876, before his earthly career ended, he learned that the Archbishop of Tours, Mgr. Colet, had issued orders that insured their being presented to the world. With a radiant face he blessed God, and, with his gaze turned towards the Carmelite convent, peaceably expired on the 18th of March. On his death his oratory, where for twenty-five years the Holy Face had been honored, was at once transformed into a public chapel. Mgr. Colet officiated on the occasion of its dedication. At the same time he established in this sanctuary the Confraternity of the Reparation for Blasphemy and for the Profanation of Sunday, affiliating it to that of St. Dizier already erected. Using his power as Ordinary, he gave to this Confraternity of Tours a distinct character, and made of it, properly speaking, a Confraternity of the Holy Face, which was really the embodiment of Sister Saint-Pierre's inspirations. Finally, to minister to the new chapel and attend to the spiritual wants of the pilgrims who flocked from all parts thither, the worthy successor of St. Martin instituted, under the title of " Priests of the Holy Face," a society of regular clergy living in community in the house formerly occupied by M. Dupont, and who, following in his footsteps and under his auspices, would devote themselves to all the Works of Reparation.

Since then the Oratory of the Holy Face has become a centre of prayers and expiations to which the gaze and hearts of numbers turn, not only from all parts of France, but, in truth, from all Christendom.

Nor was it long before other Confraternities of the Holy Face, similar to the one founded at Tours by Mgr. Colet, were established in many cities. Letters from all parts of the world are received soliciting pictures of the Holy Face like the one so long venerated by M. Dupont, which was an authentic facsimile of the Veil of Veronica. It would be impossible to calculate the number of the holy pictures exposed in various places (and nearly always with a lamp burning before them)—in cathedrals, parish churches, public chapels, private houses and oratories, in hospitals, and in the enclosure of religious communities. The Priests of the Holy Face at Tours have charged themselves with the pious duty of obtaining these pictures (the facsimile of Veronica's Veil) from Rome and facilitating their distribution, or rather, we should say, supplying the demand for them, which is a consequence of the recognition of the wants of our age; so natural is the idea of Reparation, so befitting and salutary, so powerful in attracting souls.

This need of Reparation is urgent; all Catholic hearts welcome its appearance, If it be true that France, God's privileged nation, the Eldest Daughter of the Church, be the most guilty, because " much shall be demanded from her to whom much has been given"; that blasphemy in her midst is more audacious, and profanations of God's Holy Days more perverse; should not every generous Christian soul feel called upon to labor zealously in establishing and propagating this Work of Reparation so urgently demanded, in our Lord's Name, by the Carmelite of Tours ? What is more natural and just than to unite our efforts in repairing what impiety and hatred of God have combined to corrupt and ruin? The Work revealed to the admirable virgin whose history has been related is at the same time, as she herself says, "a necessity of justice and a pledge of mercy." Let our efforts be in common, let us unite ourselves in striving fervently to appease Divine Justice; then it will be our consolation to experience , only the effects of mercy, which will be all the more abundant as our Reparation has been prompt and fervent.

For being Received into the Confraternity of 
the Reparation of the Holy Face.

1. To be inscribed on the Register of the Confraternity where it is canonically established.

2. To obtain a copy of the Regulations, wherewith will be found the ticket of admission.

3. To wear at all times the Cross of the Confraternity.

4. Never to blaspheme, and to do all one can to prevent blasphemy.

5. When not possible to prevent these crimes, to make, at least, an interior act of Reparation for them.

6. To recite daily a Pater, Ave, and Gloria Patri, " with the Act of Praise," in union with the Associates, in the spirit of Reparation.